PinAPL-Py is getting an upgrade!

We have purchased a new server and are transfering the url to point there. If you can see this message you are visiting the site on our old server. We will be leaving it up for the next week or so while runs complete, so that you can view your results and download them. Thank you for you patience.

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PinAPL-Py is a collaboration project by the:

at the University of California, San Diego.

For updates, bug reports, comments, and discussions see our google group

The PinAPL-Py project was supported by generous funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation provided to the Center for Biosustainability (NNF16CC0021858), and grants from NIGMS (R35 GM119850 & P50 GM085764), NCI (R21 CA199292 & R21 CA177519), DOD (OC140179) and NHLBI (U54 HL108460 and U24 HL126127).